Healthesurveys is a company designed to provide customized survey platforms and solutions for organizations looking to improve their overall patient satisfaction and staff retention.  Healthesurveys provides organizations with solutions for greater patient care through real-time data collection with tools to quickly gather, access, analyze and identify valuable information.

  1. Collecting and Gathering Data: Collecting and gathering vital feedback in real-time allows leaders to access their data quickly.
  2. Accessing information: Accessing information through the data you have collected enables leaders to make sound decisions.
  3. Analyzing Information: Having the ability to analyze information in real-time gives leaders the ability to make changes in quality improvement quickly and accurately.
  4. Identifying: Identifying and addressing specific opportunities in real-time can lead to better organizational performance and, ultimately, better patient outcomes.


The Advantages of Healthesurveys

The advantages of Healthesurveys include cloud based solutions backed with versatile API’s to provide maximum flexibility to our clients. We provide mobile and desktop applications that integrate seamlessly into preexisting work-flows and processes which provide greater flexibility while offering customization for greater integration when needed.

The Benefits of Healthesurveys

  • Greater flexibility through customized survey platforms
  • Custom reporting
  • Real-Time Feedback