is an advanced mobile application that allows users quick access capturing critical and valuable information by tracking leader rounding activity. Nurses and other medical staff can utilize the application not only to streamline rounding efforts but also to manage and measure quality of care of patients and staff performance all in real time. This can effectively help improve organizational responsiveness to patient and staff needs by tracking issues and outcomes in a meaningful way.

GoRounding can be used for all your medical rounding needs including:

Patient Rounds
Staff Rounds
Environment of Care
Staff Evaluations
Peer to Peer Evaluations

GoRounding eliminates paperwork and administrative duties by allowing users to easily input rounding data into the application saving time and effort.

GoRounding gives you the real-time advantage to quickly access reports via mobile or desktop device.

GoRounding gives you the ability to customize your rounding questions or checklists.

Access and share reports quickly through the GoRounding platform.

GoRounding can help manage and track issues more effectively.